KISTERS develops software solutions for the sustainable resource management of energy, water and air. The KISTERS Group has over 500 employees, is headquartered in Aachen, Germany, and has numerous international subsidiaries.

KISTERS has grown from an engineering consultancy to a multinational business, and their software products have reached a high penetration on the global market. With interdisciplinary and international teams of software experts and domain experts, KISTERS is able to provide professional software solutions that fulfil the requirements of global markets and industries. Resources management systems “made in Germany“ are enjoying a very good reputation.

Bender-IS represents KISTERS in South-East Asia. Together, we offer a comprehensive, high-quality solution portfolio and provide consultancy and support as a full-range product and service supplier. We strive for long-term cooperation and a trust-based partnership with our clients in order to ensure a continuous development of our products as based on immediate needs, and for lasting state-of-the-art quality and security of investment.

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Software for the Energy Industry

KISTERS produces market-compliant, pioneering software solutions for the energy industry with its business areas of energy production, distribution, wholesale/retail and demand. The portfolio includes solutions for energy data management, portfolio management, forecasting, virtual power plant management, smart metering, smart grid/control technology/SCADA and life cycle and asset management of plants and grids. Over 750 companies in the energy industry rely on KISTERS‘ software and benefit from high performance, market conformity and ease of use

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Software for Water Management

Decision-makers in authorities and companies benefit from KISTERS’ Water Solutions in everyday operations and future-proof decision-making. The quality, performance and efficiency of the solutions provides best support in surface and groundwater monitoring, meteorology, flood forecasting, reservoir operation and safety, water quality and urban drainage. KISTERS’ software supports the collection, analysis and publishing of water data and the handling of technical and communication processes. Local, regional, national and supranational authorities, associations, engineering companies and research institutes all over the world have been using the modular customizable systems for many years.

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