Cipunet® is one of the world leaders in Power line Communications Systems for industrial and utility applications.

O’Connor’s Engineering Sdn Bhd (O’Connor’s) is primarily a premier system integrator with services across South East Asia in the telecommunication sphere.


KISTERS has grown from an engineering consultancy to a multinational company with
subsidiaries on almost all continents today.

Their software products have reached a high penetration on the global market. Resources Management „Made in Germany“ is now enjoying a very good reputation in many markets all over the world. On this basis, KISTERS aims to expand its leading position regarding resources management systems worldwide and Bender-IS represents KISTERS in SEA.

Full Advantage

We are a regional Project Developer and Consulting Company whose mission is to help our partners and clients harness untapped resources, creative processes and appropriate technological solutions in generating cleaner, more affordable energy.