since 1994
since 1994


Bender-IS delivers high end consultancy services around the world. Two decades of experience translate into a team that brings extensive industry knowledge.


From Blueprint to Breakthrough: We bring all EPCC capabilities that result in the delivery of turnkey solutions (for example green hydrogen terminals).


Smart Grids

We're experts in automation, communication and IT systems that can monitor power flows so that you can meet your supply goals.

Helping to shape the future of the utility industry

Bender-IS has been engaged with a diverse set of clients in countries all over the world as they have explored the use of various telecommunication technologies for all kinds of utility applications, mainly for grid automation and more recently the transition to smart grid infrastructures and emission-free power supply.

We have delivered numerous projects of this nature across SCADA systems, Distribution Automation, Demand Site Management Substation Control and Automation as clients have grappled with their evolution to SmartGrid and Smart Metering concepts and architectures.


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