Always on the lookout for a better way

Consultancy is a service industry and so client relationships and people skills are critical.

Thankfully Bender-IS is recognized for this by its global clients. In addition we do have the resources and partners and deep knowledge base that can compete with (and often outperform) any of our global competitors. The added bonus is that due to our long term engagements we understand the markets in particular Europe and APAC better than anyone.


Bender-IS provides the industry experience and skills, global resources, proven methodologies and industry-leading technology assets utilities need to realize their vision of a more intelligent grid. A continuous investment in innovation, coupled with numerous client engagements and research-based knowledge, help ensure that the intelligent network solutions we plan and

deploy are always on the leading edge.


Almost two decades of experience from dedicated transmission and distribution and IT practitioners translates into a team that brings extensive industry knowledge to the world’s smart grid transformation challenges, along with a broad skill base ranging from executive strategic consulting, to specialized engineering, to in-depth systems integration. Our utility

industry professionals include many of the industry’s leading smart grid, advanced metering, sustainability and systems operations specialists, who have worked with clients in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific to tackle the unprecedented changes facing today’s utility companies.

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