Energy gets cheaper and cleaner with smart grids

A smart grid implementation program represents much more than a technology change for a

utility. In fact, the effect of smart grid is to drive a radical end-to-end transformation of the way

utilities generate data, present information, make decisions, execute processes and engage

with their customers. 


The sheer number and variety of components in a smart grid program

create major challenges for conventional approaches, demanding new thinking that will help

utilities avoid more complex and costly problems further along the utility’s smart grid journey.


Bender-IS represents such new thinking, providing utilities with valuable support on all the

important smart grid critical success factors. The flood of data generated by advanced meter infrastructure (AMI), intelligent sensing, and monitoring and control devices that comprise the digital “smart” grid are a massive challenge to the traditional transaction-oriented utility systems, business processes, data collection and transport networks. 

A smart meter

Bender-IS helps to provide the blueprint, tools, processes, services, databases, analytics and visualization capabilities utilities needed to make sense of this data deluge. 


We help utilities to design solutions which more effectively manage the massive amounts of real-time data generated by a smart grid network—and to transform this data into intelligent, actionable information. Not only does this create new insights into consumer behavior, but it also enhances network reliability, asset life-cycle management, regulatory compliance and integration of renewables and distributed generation, ultimately helping utilities achieve their goals in transforming to a future proof reliable and sustainable energy supply.


Our offerings around Smart Grid solution architectures are designed to bring our clients real, tangible, easily understood solutions for addressing the issues they face in planning, deploying and managing their smart grid projects.

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